Reverend Ed Barguiarena

Reverend Ed BarguiarenaReverened Ed Barguiarena comes from a large family and has lived all over Texas. He has had the good fortune to attend many weddings across the state as well as internationally. As a child he was a ring-bearer, as an adult he graduated to best man and finally to officiating weddings

It’s always about the people, family, and a day the couple will never forget. Reverend Ed is always honored to be a small part of that. His favorite part of a wedding is learning about the journey that brought these two people together and then getting to meet the people that helped make that happen.

As a first-generation Texan, Spanish was his first language. He was asked to officiate his first wedding because he was bilginual and never looked back. He has been a part of weddings as far as Ireland and as unique as Cuba. It doesn’t matter if there are 4 people there or 400, it always comes down to the two people in front of you and ensuring their blessed day runs as smoothly as possible.

Reverend Ed says, “There is no such thing as a perfect wedding nor should that be the expectation. I am here to remind you why you are here in the first place, provide comfort in a potentially stressful situation, and to help seal the bond that will last a lifetime.”

Languages: English & Spanish

Phone: 210-802-8097
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