Reverend Lee Johnson

Reverend Lee Johnson

Reverend Lee Johnson with Texas Wedding Ministers
I  have been in the ministry since 1998, which is when I went to Bible college in Denver, Colorado. Since then I have served in three different churches and two different ministries. I enjoy the teaching and preaching ministry but what I enjoy more is to be able to interact with people on a first hand basis. Spending time with an individual or a couple and talking about their everyday life struggles to shed a new and renewed light into is greatly rewarding. I have had the privilege of doing premarital counseling as well as marriage counseling and individual as well as group counseling. Most of the couples I have counseled in their premarital stage, I have had the honor of officiating at their weddings. I am a pastor, who enjoys bringing healing (Physical, emotional and spiritual) into people’s lives before and after their big events of life.



Wedding Experience

I was ordained in Denver, Colorado by the college I attended. The board that ordained me is “Global Church Ministries”. I have had the honor of performing about 15 weddings so far.
One of the wedding I performed was along side of two other gentlemen, one of which was an Anglican priest and the other an Orthodox priest. I had so much fun at that wedding because I have attended Anglican weddings but have never performed in a Anglican / Orthodox mix wedding. Both the priests coached me before on the rituals they have and I had fun helping the couple during the wedding with it. Another wedding I officiated was in Austin, where the couple were natives of Haiti. They had a lot of Haitian family and friends attending the wedding. So I performed some parts of the wedding in Creole, even though I don’t speak Creole.


The couple, during their premarital counseling sections would give me instructions on how to say some things in Creole.  That was very enjoyable for me and their family as well.
I like to learn the different traditions and rituals people have in their families,cultures or religious areas and help them implement them into their weddings, understanding this is one of the most important events in their lives.
I also have performed the simplest of all simple wedding just with the vows and the ring exchange, which I was able enjoy so much, because I was able to help two people come together and become one, so that they find companionship, friendship and relationship in a deeper level through out their life.

My Family

Reverend Lee Johnson and his wife, GraceI am married to an amazing woman, who is the love of my life. Her name is Grace and she is God’s grace for me. We have three children Laya, who is in college learning to be a psychologist, Kripa is in 9th grade and Abhishek is in 8th grade. All three of them are helping us in the ministry when they are not in school or are doing homework.

Reverend Lee Johnson and his family

Grace and I have been married for the last 23 years. We had an arranged marriage and we got married in India. One of our passion is to help people in their marriages especially when they are having challenges in their marriage.

We are also passionate about doing premarital counseling. I always like to tell couples, “you go for premarital counseling so that you don’t have to go for marriage counseling”, and it is so true for couples who are starting their marriage without a lot of understanding of what entails a marriage. We also love weddings and everything about it.

I am the Pastoral Care Pastor of Freedom Church in Round Rock, Tx. We have been there since the inception of the church in 2009. We have enjoyed serving the greater Austin area communities so far.

Types of ceremonies performed: Civil, Non-Denominational, Christian, Catholic, Military, Secular, Interfaith, Vow Renewals

City Serviced: Austin

Languages: English and Malayalam

Tamil and Hindi- Intermediate

Phone: 512-584-1547
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