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Enjoy the Perfect Civil Wedding Ceremony in San Antonio

Are you currently planning your civil wedding? Do you want a ceremony that’s personalized to reflect the individual values and beliefs that you have as a couple? When it comes to planning a wedding that’s going to be exceptional, the choice of wedding officiant to conduct the ceremony is crucial. We are a well-established company that can offer a range of qualified and certified religious and secular officiants to undertake civil marriage ceremonies that are personalized to your individual requirements.

We Can Tailor Your Ceremony to Your Individual Needs

In the same way that no two couples are the same, no two wedding ceremonies are identical! We can work with you to design a service that’s customized to your exact specifications. Whether you want to use individually designed vows, have a particular song or poem you want as part of the ceremony or have any other ideas, we can work with you to create an occasion that celebrates the joy of your civil wedding in line with your wishes.

No Hidden Costs or Charges

Particularly if you’re trying to plan your civil wedding on a budget, it’s always worrisome that an unexpected cost will arise, putting a severe strain on your finances. We operate a transparent charging system, so you will always know in advance exactly what you’ll be paying. Our aim is to keep our charges as low as we can, without ever compromising on results. Our sliding scale of prices enables you to be married for less than $100!

Celebrate Your San Antonio Civil Wedding with Us

Our team is committed to providing every couple with the high-quality ceremony they deserve. No matter what type of occasion you’re looking for, or budget you have available, we will be able to deliver a tasteful, dignified yet joyous ceremony which we hope will be the start of a lifetime of happy memories. To find out more about our civil marriage ceremonies or to book one of our wedding officiants, call us at (210) 802-8097.