Texas' team of Professional Wedding Officiants


Commonly Asked Questions:

1.  How do I know which officiant is right for me?

We have a variety of officiants of different sex, creed and backgrounds in order to give our couples variety in choosing an officiant.  We suggest all couples meet with the officiant they feel is a good fit and if they do not feel as if they are the officiant for their special day just let us know and we will arrange a meeting with another one of our officiants.  We are also great on advising you on who would be a great fit if you are unsure.  Simply give us some details of what you are looking for and we will narrow down the choices for you.

2.  How does your 100% No Cancellation Policy work?

The one vendor you can not have a ceremony with out is a wedding officiant!  With this in mind all couples should be concerned and make sure their officiant has a Plan B if life should arise on their wedding day.  With 11 officiants on staff we keep one officiant on call every weekend just in case something should arise armed with your vows.  If god forbid something happens that day or prior to your wedding we will assign another officiant to your ceremony so you don’t have the stress of scrambling to find another officiant last minute.

3.  Do I really need to have rehearsal?

We suggest all couples have rehearsal with their officiant unless they are having just a simple Civil Ceremony. Presentation is everything, so having rehearsal with your officiant is imperative.  Your officiant can guide through all the small details such as how to give away the bride to how to slip on rings so photographers can get the best shots.  Rehearsal is the time to make any last minutes changes and additions to your ceremony to ensure it is flawless. Since your officiant will be orchestrating the ceremony it only makes sense he or she be present to do so.  Couple’s only get one shot at the ceremony, there are no do overs, so with that in mind all parties involved in the ceremony should be there to rehearse. Not only will rehearsal leave the couple and wedding party confident it also greatly helps ensure amazing pictures.

4.  What if we are already married but I am just now having a true ceremony?  What is we want a ceremony but do not want to legalize the marriage through the State?

In these situations we refer to the ceremony as a symbolic ceremony.  Your officiant will do everything he or she would for a legal ceremony minus signing a wedding license.  If you do not want your guests to know this please make sure to remind your officiant of this fact so they may keep it a secret.

5.  When will my officiant show up on the day of the ceremony?

Your officiant will show up 15-20 minutes prior to your ceremony on day of and get with the groom and wedding coordinator (if applicable) to make sure everything is ready to go.  After confirming and doing any last minute coaching of the groom your officiant will visit the bride briefly to ensure everything is set.  we ask when booking you book the time you want your ceremony to start and the officiant will show up prior accordingly.  Do not book the time you want them to arrive because we do charge onsite late fees if your ceremony does not start at your contracted start time.

6.  What if my ceremony runs late?

We recommend that all ceremonies start on time.  Though we understand your wedding day can be hectic falling off your timeline always allows for problems to arise.  Please keep in mind that your officiant may be performing other wedding/rehearsal ceremonies for other couples and your ceremony running late may create a serious conflict with the officiant’s schedule that may prevent the Officiant from performing your ceremony.   Though we do not anticipate this happening and schedule time between our ceremonies to account for tardiness we can not punish another couple if your wedding runs late.  We will dispatch our on call officiant if a problem of tardiness arises if possible.  Onsite late fees of $50 per 20 minutes will be charged.

7.  Will my officiant need a microphone?

In most cases your officiant will require that a microphone be provided by the couple.  This can be acquired by your DJ or we have portable PA systems your officiant can bring with them for rent for $175.  The couple is responsible for making sure that the officiant has a hands free mic since the officiant must have his hands free to hold their book, bless rings and perform rituals.  A lapel or headset mic is preferred but a mic with a stand is ok (not suggested for the best pictures).  Your officiant can also bring a lapel or headset to plug into your DJ’s equipment for $75 as well.

8.  When are vows due?

We will send our 2 week check-in about a month prior to your ceremony that we require all our couples fill out.  This form not only records your vow choices, edits and details but it also gathers information such as an emergency contact that day and confirms all last minute details to make sure are plans for your ceremony are accounted for.

9.  If my fiance and I want to write our own vows to each how does that work?

We love it when our couples write heartfelt vows to each other!  If you choose to do this we will simply insert an introduction with in the vows for each of you to read.  We do not need your vows beforehand- We like to be surprised too!  Just remember to bring them on your wedding day!

10.  Why do we pay extra for rituals?

Rituals are consider an add-on to traditional vows and your officiant must prepare for any rituals you add, although the couple is responsible for providing the materials for the ritual since it is their keepsake.  Also, keep in mind most all rituals do require rehearsing so we always suggest rehearsal with rituals.

11.  Will my officiant stay for reception?

In most cases your officiant will not stay for reception but may at their discretion if you invite them.

12.  When is my payment due and how do I pay?

Payments are due 30 days prior to your ceremony and can be paid online through the invoice we send.  Couple’s can also make payments towards their ceremony if they would like.  Late fees will be applied the day after your due date:  $25 initial late fee plus $5/day until paid.  We do offer payment plans as well and if needed please contact our office.

13.  What’s included in the Day of Coordination you offer?

If not having rehearsal or just need a little help day of we offer Day of Coordination for our couples for $100.  We will send out one of our wedding planners or another officiant 45 minutes prior to your ceremony to organize your wedding party, cue your DJ and work with your ceremony vendors to coordinate a flawless ceremony.  They are there to just help with the ceremony portion of your wedding.  This is a perfect option for couples having a “Do It Yourself” and helps to catch the details only our experts who have done hundreds of ceremonies would know.  They can relieve the stress so the Bride can focus on getting ready and looking amazing for her walk down the aisle.

14.  Do I need witness?

Texas does not require witness though some wedding license still have a space on the license for witness to sign if you would like.

15.  How is the license filed?  When will I get a copy?

Texas requires that your officiant sign the license and file with the county clerks office which can take up to 30 days.  If the couple is Military or has special circumstances then the officiant can allow for the couple to keep the license after the ceremony and physically take it into the county clerk for filing themselves.  This must be pre-approved by your officiant.