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Add a Personal Touch with a Non-Denominational Minister in San Antonio

Non-Denominational Officiants are becoming more and more popular as couples with different backgrounds unite. Couples who want a ceremony that is different from the norm and that reflects their unique personalities should opt for a non-denominational wedding. This allows them to work with their officiant to add personal touches, like creative traditions and anecdotes, to make their big day that much more special.

Have a Fresh and Exciting Ceremony to Remember

Non-Denominational OfficiantsIf you consider yourself to be spiritual, and want a ceremony that reflects these beliefs, then a non-denominational minister in San Antonio is the perfect officiant. This will allow you to have a custom wedding that reflects your personal style as a couple; even if you are an interfaith couple.

The day that you and your significant other exchange your vows of love is one of the most important moments of your life. You will need a minister that will think outside of the box and will perform a ceremony that is in alignment with your beliefs. A non-denominational minister from Texas Wedding Ministers is the perfect choice to make your wedding day that much more special.

A wedding is a joyful occasion where two people celebrate their love for one and another surrounded by their loved ones. A non-denominational minister in San Antonio will officiate a ceremony that allows you to share your love in your own special way.

Texas Wedding Ministers Are Here To Serve All of Your Nuptial Needs

Non-Denominational OfficiantsAt Texas Wedding Ministers we are dedicated to performing affordable, customizable wedding ceremonies in English and/or Spanish. We will help you create the wedding of your dreams; one that is a perfect reflection of the beliefs that you hold and the love that you share.

We work with couples from all religions, lifestyles, and creeds. Call us today at (210) 802-8097 for more information on how we can help you custom design a memorable ceremony that is in alignment with the personalities of both you and your spouse to-be.