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Wedding of the Week Mr. & Mrs. Brundage

Wedding of the Week 

Mr. & Mrs. Brundage

Erica and Garrett were pronounced husband and wife on June 6, 2020, in Austin, Texas by Reverend Ed Barguiarena. 

Meet the Couple

Their story begins in Corpus Christi where the two attended Texas A&M University. Garrett and Erica worked together on a community outreach program hosted by the college. They first spoke over the phone regarding the event not knowing what the other looked like. Garrett recalls the first time he saw Erica in person, “She was beautiful. A charmer. She spoke with confidence and poise.” After this day, Garrett tried his hand at asking Erica on a date several times but to no avail. Erica took notice of his persistence and as the semester went by, she grew interested in getting to know the man who liked her very much. Erica remembers the first time she agreed to go out with Garrett, “I got his number and began texting him. He later asked me out, I said no. Finally frustrated, he said, ‘well what will you say yes to?’ The pure honesty in that statement made me laugh so hard and after that we had our first date.”

The Wedding Day

After dating for three years, the couple started their wedding planning but it quickly became stressful amid a pandemic. Their dream celebration was set for June 6th but was postponed until October due to the increasing cases of COVID-19. Nevertheless, Erica and Garrett were all smiles as they tied the knot with a simple and intimate outdoor ceremony. Their immediate family was in attendance to witness the nuptials.

“Erica and Garrett brought peace and joy to a chaotic time. Despite having to change locations at the last minute they found a perfect spot near downtown Austin. It was a beautiful outdoor setting for an intimate ceremony with immediate family members there for support.”

Reverend Ed Barguiarena

Photography by Sun Gold Photography.