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Virtual Wedding Ceremonies

Virtual Wedding Ceremonies

virtual wedding ceremony
virtual wedding on Zoom with online wedding officiant

Civil Ceremonies via Zoom

Choose a Zoom wedding with Texas Wedding Ministers and host your wedding ceremony from the comfort of your own home. Whether it is a private ceremony to include you and the officiant, or you would like guests to virtually join in, we can host your virtual wedding ceremony via Zoom.

This is a great option for couples in the military that are apart.

How does a virtual wedding work?

1. Couple must obtain a Texas Marriage license from any Texas County Clerks’s office.  You can find more information about obtaining a Texas Marriage License here!

2. Reserve your wedding at the link below.

3.  You will get a confirmation email with instructions on where to mail your license as well as the zoom link that you will use to access the virtual wedding. This link can be given to your guests to tune in as well.

4.  One of our Officiants will perform your virtual marriage ceremony via Zoom. The couple does not have to be together in the same room.  However, since Texas is a single proxy state at least one of the persons being wed must be in Texas at the time of the ceremony. Each can be at different locations and login to the Zoom. The license will be signed on camera.

5. After the ceremony is performed and the license is signed, the license will be mailed back to the county’s clerk’s office for filing. The county clerk will then sign and file the license. An official signed copy will be returned to you- this is your marriage certificate!

6. You are married!

Virtual Wedding Officiant Packages


You and an officiant together via zoom with no guests

Private Ceremony


Both packages include your officiant performing an intimate and personal wedding ceremony, the signing and filing of your marriage license and pre-ceremony coaching. Ceremonies can be performed in both English and Spanish and last 10-15 minutes,

You marriage license must be mailed to our office prior to your wedding ceremony.



Celebration Ceremony





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