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How to Get Your Houston Marriage License

How to Get Your Houston

Marriage License

When planning your Houston wedding, there is one detail you must ensure you get done in time – obtaining your marriage license!

We have the breakdown on how to get a marriage license in Houston, from general questions to a county-by-county guide. 

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Where Can I Get a Houston Marriage License?

In Texas, you’ll need to obtain your marriage license at your local county clerk’s office. Each county has slightly different procedures to obtain your marriage license. Some may require you apply in person, other counties have online marriage license applications.

The good news is the requirements and timetables are the same. You’ll need proof of identity and age, and both partners must be in person. There is a 72 hour waiting period after your marriage license is issued, and all marriage licenses in Texas are valid for 90 days.

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How Much Does a Marriage License Cost in Houston?

The cost of a marriage license in Houston is between $71 – $82, with most Texas counties charging $82. 

Each of the 9 Houston counties charge varying amounts.

Houston Marriage License County-by-County Guide

Austin County Marriage License

To obtain your marriage license in Austin County, you’ll need to show up in person at the county clerk’s office located on Main Street. 

In this county, you do not have an online application process nor can you make an appointment prior to your arrival. The cost for a marriage license in Austin County is $82. You’ll both need to show up in person with the right documents for your marriage license.

Brazoria County Marriage License

In Brazoria County, you have a few different options to obtain your marriage license.

First, you can complete your marriage license application online or in person. Applying online means saving you time! 

You’ll need to go in person to file your marriage license application. The cost for a marriage license in Brazoria County is $82.

There are three county clerks offices in Brazoria, the main location being on Mulberry Street. Gather your documents and head there during the week to complete your application.

Chambers County Marriage License

To obtain your marriage license in Chambers County, you’ll do so in person. There is not a Chambers County online marriage application. 

You do not need to make an appointment online. Simply gather your documents and both head to the county clerk’s office on Washington street.

The cost for a marriage license in Chambers County is $82.

Fort Bend County Marriage License

In Fort Bend, you must start with an online marriage license application. Unlike other counties, the online application has to be completed before you arrive.

Once you’ve completed the application online, gather up your documentation and head to the local county clerk office. The cost for a marriage license in Fort Bend County is $72.

As a special touch, Fort Bend has four different marriage license designs you can choose from!

Galveston County Marriage License

In Galveston County, a marriage license can only be obtained in person. They do not offer online applications. Be sure you gather together the right documents to get your Galveston County marriage license, then head to the clerk’s office.

There are two county clerk’s offices in Galveston County you can choose from. Marriage licenses in Galveston County cost $81.

Harris County Marriage License

As a larger Houston county, Harris county has multiple county clerk office locations for you to obtain your marriage license. Marriage license applications in Harris county are all done in person. There is no online application.

Confirm you have the right proof of identity and age documents and arrive in person, no appointment needed.

Marriage licenses in Harris County are $74 and they accept multiple forms of payment.

Liberty County Marriage License

Getting your marriage license in Liberty County is a simple process. As there is no online marriage license application, you’ll show up in person at the county clerk’s office by 4PM.

Marriage licenses in Liberty county are $82. Be sure to gather up your proof of age and identity documents and arrive together at the office.

Montgomery County Marriage License

Montgomery county marriage licenses are easy to obtain. The county has several options for couples looking to get their marriage license.

For a faster process, fill out the online marriage license application for Montgomery county. Once you complete your application, you’ll receive a transaction number to bring with you to the county clerk’s office along with the proper proof of identity and age documents.

Marriage licenses in Montgomery county are $82 and you can only pay your fees with cash.

Waller County Marriage License

To obtain a Waller county marriage license, you start with the online application. Once your online application is complete, you’ll apply in person with your proper documentation. You can either make an appointment in advance or show up with the right information in hand.

Marriage licenses in Waller county are $72 and they accept multiple forms of payment.


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Do I Have to Get Married in Houston with a Houston Marriage License?

No, just because you obtained your marriage license from a Houston-area county does not mean you have to get married in Houston. In fact, you can use your Texas marriage license to get married in other states as well where accepted.

How Do I File my Marriage License in Houston, Texas?

After your wedding ceremony your marriage license will need to be filed with your county clerk offices. Many Houston wedding officiants will file your marriage license for you.


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