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How Important is the Wedding Rehearsal Anyway?

The answer is…very important! The most important part of a wedding celebration is the ceremony itself. As such, it is very important to get the ceremony right. The key to flawless weddings lies in the details, and a lot of the details get ironed out at a well-planned wedding rehearsal.

When planning, some couples question the value of having wedding rehearsals. They wonder why wedding rehearsals are important, and whether or not a person should add extra stress to his or her schedules by planning another evening in the name of a rehearsal. Trust us, it’s worth it. The rehearsal is an excellent opportunity to lessen your stress levels on your big day. A wedding rehearsal is essential to the confidence and success of the bridal party, wedding coordinator and officiant!

Choosing to have a rehearsal before the big day could be one of the best decisions you make in planning your wedding. This is an invaluable opportunity to work out the details of the type of wedding ceremony you have chosen, as well as give all the participants an chance to become familiar with the roles they will play on the big day. They will have an opportunity to work out their nerves and be familiar with exactly when and where to walk, along with where to sit or stand.

The rehearsal dinner is also a good time for the wedding party, close friends and relatives to come together. The bride and the groom have more time on their hands during the rehearsal to spend time, and talk to those that mean so much to them during this time. Take this time to thank everyone for taking part on your special day.