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Maggiano’s Little Italy – A Destination Wedding Right Here at Home!

Once upon a time, a young girl dreamed of being a princess. She dreamed of castles, and white horses, and a handsome prince charming. She dreamed of a beautiful Italian villa and the wedding of her dreams. Ah, dreams! How often do they really come true? Well, with Maggiano’s Little Italy, your dream can be a reality.


If you’re looking for a non-traditional take on a destination wedding, then Maggiano’s Little Italy is for you. Serving up scratch-made Italian-American meals inspired by traditional recipes, Maggiano’s atmosphere is ideal for a charming, rustic and intimate wedding ceremony and reception. Whether it’s an intimate candlelit ceremony or an extravagant procession, Maggiano’s can accommodate any size ceremony and give you the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Just like Texas Wedding Minsters, they can also accommodate any budget. And, they’re a one-stop shop! When you book with Maggiano’s you get: assistance from skilled banquet managers; talented servers who are dressed to the nines; exquisite Italian-American cuisine served family style or buffet style; beautifully decorated rooms and table settings; adjustable lighting for picture-perfect ambiance.


The charming atmosphere of Maggiano’s means less time and money spent on decorating the venue. There will be no stress over linens or centerpieces. Booking at Maggiano’s frees you up to enjoy your big day. Choosing a venue that accommodates your ceremony and reception is ideal for guests and the bride and groom alike. Besides being convenient and cost effective, it offers more flexibility and allows you to spend more time with your guests.


Take advantage of the rustic charm and romance of Maggiano’s and book your ceremony today. What’s great about booking your ceremony and reception here is the opportunity to visit again and again. For most people, a trip to Italy is a once in a lifetime trip. A visit to Maggiano’s can be a reality any time you want! Relive your big day on you anniversary, on special occasions like birthdays or promotions, or just because! Maggiano’s is the perfect spot for a simple and elegant wedding. For more information on booking your ceremony at Maggiano’s Little Italy, visit txweddingministers.com or everlastingelopements.com.