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How to Get the Best Christian Wedding Officiant

Getting married means deciding on the type of ceremony that you both desire, for instance if you are Christian, you likely want to hire a Christian Wedding Officiant, and that can be done through Texas Wedding Ministers. We can provide officiants for all types of weddings from civil or secular services to non-denominational, religious ones like Christian, Catholic, Jewish, etc. for all couples, same sex or otherwise.

First Steps for Texas Wedding Ministers Wedding Ceremonies

We are located in Texas, so if you want your marriage to be legal, you have to do more than just ask for a Christian wedding officiant. You must follow the rules of the state, as in getting a marriage license (there is a 72 hour waiting period before you can use it to get married), and this can be gotten from the country clerk’s office.

There are additional rules and regulations for getting married in the state of Texas and you should make sure that you have a full understanding of them prior to scheduling one of the wedding ceremonies here at Texas Wedding Ministers.

Military Couples Have Special Privileges

Note, if you are a military couple there is no waiting period to get married and you can even get an absentee affidavit and fill it out in advance and the other person can take it to the country clerk to get the marriage license. If you need more information on this please call and speak to one of our wedding experts.

Hire the Christian Wedding Officiant

Next after the legal aspects are taken care of, all you have to do is call us at 210-802-8097 and set up hiring a Christian wedding officiant for your wedding ceremony. We will get you all set up and you also must choose the date, time, and type of service you desire. Then, just pay the required $50 fee to get placed on our wedding calendar. This fee is not refundable, but it is applied to your balance.

If you do need to make any cancellations, please call 60 or more days in advance or you will lose any paid fees. The bottom line is that we are here to support couples with an officiant for just about any type of wedding ceremony that you may need. So, if you are ready to hire a Christian wedding officiant from Texas Wedding Ministers, then call us at 210-802-8097 to get more details.