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How to Get Your Austin Marriage License

How to Get Your Austin

Marriage License

Getting married in Austin means you need one essential thing – your marriage license!

If you are wondering how or where to get your marriage license in Austin, we have your answer. We’ve answered general questions and included a Austin county-by-county complete guide.

And once you have your marriage license, all you need is the right Austin wedding minister to legally perform your marriage ceremony.

For complete information on getting married in Texas, check out How to Get Married in Texas: The Ultimate Guide.

Where Can I Get a Marriage License in Austin?

To obtain a marriage license in Austin, you’ll need to do so at your local county clerk’s office. 

There are three different types counties in the Austin area, each with slightly different procedures and policies to obtain your marriage license. Some have online marriage license applications available. In other counties, you’ll fill out and complete your application fully in person.

Austin Marriage License Requirements

Thankfully, the requirements, basics and documentation needed are all the same. In every Texas county, you’ll need proof of both your identity and age. This is as easy as bringing your driver’s license and birth certificate. You’ll also need to know your social security number, though you will not need to bring your social security cards with you.

Both parties must apply for their marriage license in person. If one of you is unable to appear in person to your appointment and you meet the requirements, you may choose to use an Absent Absent Applicant Affidavit. To learn more about the affidavit and other questions check out our How to Get Married in Texas: The Ultimate Guide.

Marriage licenses are valid for 90 days and must be obtained at least 72 hours prior to your wedding ceremony. For a successful wedding ceremony, be sure to hire a professional Austin wedding officiant to conduct your ceremony.

Do I need to get my marriage license in the county where I live?

No. You can get a Texas marriage license in any county in Texas. In fact, some couples will drive to a county further away because they prefer the way the marriage license looks in another county!

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How Much Does a Marriage License Cost in Austin?

In Austin, TX the cost of a marriage license varies between $72 – $82. Depending on which county clerk office you visit to process your marriage license application, you may pay for your marriage license with cash, debit card or credit card.

Austin Marriage License County-by-County Guide

Travis County Marriage License

To get your marriage license in Travis county, you start with an online marriage license application. You can process your application online for quicker results, or simply print your application and bring it with you to the county clerk’s office. 

Schedule an appointment for your marriage license application to be processed in person. Remember, you need to apply for your marriage license together. If one of you cannot be in person due to circumstances such as a military deployment, you can always have the option to use an Affidavit of Absence Applicant

A Travis county marriage license costs $81 and they only accept cash payments.

Hays County Marriage License

In Hays County, there is no online marriage license application. In addition, there is no online appointment scheduler or need to make an appointment in advance. 

Instead, to obtain your marriage license in Hays County you’ll conduct your appointment and application all in person. Head to the County Clerk’s office at 712 S. Stagecoach Trail with your appropriate documentation. Then, you’ll fill out your application and process it in person. Remember, you must both appear in person unless you have met the requirements for an Absent Applicant Affidavit.

The cost of a marriage license in Hays County is $82. They accept cash, credit card or debit cards for payment.

Williamson County Marriage License

In Williamson County, you’ll receive the fastest service by filling out the online marriage license application 

Once completed, you’ll complete your application at the County Clerk’s office located at 405 Martin Luther King St in Georgetown, TX. Currently, this is the only location in Williamson County where you can process your marriage license application. You’ll both need to appear in person with the correct documentation confirming your age and identity. 

William County does recommend setting an appointment time in advance to process your marriage license application. Once you complete the online application, you would then call them directly at 512-943-1527 to schedule your appointment. 

An appointment is not required, but it does help speed up the process.  

A Williamson County marriage license cost $72 and they only accept cash payments.

How Do I File my Marriage License in Austin, Texas?

After your wedding ceremony your marriage license will need to be filed with your county clerk offices. A professional Austin officiant will file your marriage license for you.

Be sure to check out our complete list of Austin wedding ministers to find the right fit for you.


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