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What is a Wedding Officiant? (& What Does an Officiant Cost?)

A wedding ceremony is the celebration of two lives being united in marriage.  While wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes, one thing is universal: all ceremonies require a wedding officiant to make the ceremony legal!

A wedding officiant is the person who leads your ceremony. The officiant acts as the “master of ceremonies,” ensuring that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end. The officiant is the one who makes sure the couple is legally married, while presenting a beautiful memory for the couple and their guests.  They play a critical role in your special day.

person who marries you

Above all else, your wedding officiant serves as your go-to person for all your questions and concerns about your ceremony. Choosing an officiant for your wedding day is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should choose someone who can serve you well and help you keep on top of all the details.

What does a professional wedding officiant cost?

According to The Knot, the national average cost of a professional wedding officiant ranges from $266-$900 depending on the region.  At Texas Wedding Ministers, our officiant prices range from $200 – $750+, depending on location, addition of rituals, customized vows, wedding rehearsal, pre-marital coaching and more. All of our officiant packages include concierge service, our 100% no cancellation guarantee, and Texas Wedding Ministers is a fully insured company. It’s our goal to protect and ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch. There will always be a backup officiant on call with vows in hand, just in case of emergencies.

Most couples use the first few months after their engagement to price shop for the services they want for their wedding.  What most couples forget to shop for, however, is their officiant! Often times, couples will go with private officiants, or ask a family member or friend to officiate their wedding.  But what happens if there is an emergency with your officiant the day of your wedding? Or what if your friend or family member fails to get the proper certifications? Do you want to trust one of the most important days of your life to someone with no experience, back up plan or history of great reviews?

When it comes to hiring an officiant for your special day, remember that the ceremony is not only the heart of your “perfect wedding”; it is the part that makes you officially joined in marriage.  Texas Wedding Ministers has multiple professional, ordained and non-denominational wedding ministers, both men and women.   All of them will customize your vows to reflect your beliefs and the love you share! Officiants are even available for Spanish or bilingual ceremonies! With over 4,000 ceremonies performed, Texas Wedding Ministers offers couples a professional, experienced officiant who is trained to perform and deliver a flawless ceremony.

Remember this: You can get married without the fancy gown, invitations, photos, flowers, cake, reception . . . but you cannot become married without an officiant! And isn’t that the real point of the wedding to become beautifully, romantically, and legally married?

Compare wedding officiants on more than price

When comparing officiants, price plays a big role but make sure you know what you are getting for the price.  Ask yourself:  Do the officiants I am looking into hiring:

  • Have a backup plan if they cannot perform my ceremony and what is that backup plan?
  • Is the officiant insured?  Is my ceremony covered if they are no-show or the officiant is late forcing me to incur late fees with other vendors?
  • Has the officiant been properly trained and have the experience and professionalism my ceremony deserves?
  • If I can’t contact the officiant does the officiant have a concierge service or office I can call?
  • Is their pricing within the national average? Why would any officiant charge less than most of the other officiants I have spoken to?
  • Does the officiant have reviews, videos and other resources that display their work?

If choosing Texas Wedding Ministers you can be assured all these important elements are covered, alleviating you of stress so you may enjoy and focus on what the day is truly about “Marrying the one you LOVE!”

professional wedding officiant cost

Texas Wedding Ministers offers multiple wedding officiant services to fit any couple’s desired ceremony experience!  From a “Simple I DO” to the personalized service of our Ultimate Ceremony Package. See our Ceremony Packages and Descriptions!

1. Simple “I DO“- Simple 10-15 minute ceremony much like a couple would get at the Court House or from a JP.  Couple picks from prearranged vows and may add special touches such as rituals, and have the ceremony performed in English or Spanish.  This service is not appropriate for a formal wedding or venue.

2. Traditional Ceremony– 20-30 minute ceremony for couples wanting a flawless ceremony performed In English or Spanish.  The couple chooses between 10 prearranged vows along with adding readings and cultural/family traditions.

3.  Custom Ceremony or Catholic Based Ceremony*OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE! For couples wanting a one of a kind ceremony drafted just for them.  The officiant will incorporate one ritual (additional rituals added for $25-$50/ritual), along with elements of the couple’s love story, cultural/family traditions, scripture, family involvement and more!  A lasting about 20-40 minutes the ceremony will be composed of an original ceremony drafted to fit the couple’s requests and desired ceremony experience!

Or the couple may choose to have a more religious based ceremony with up to 3 rituals, scripture, involving family members and more.  This is perfect for couples of certain faiths that traditional ritual elements are expected to be performed.

*Catholic-based ceremonies are not recognized by the Catholic church. Ceremonies outside of the church cannot be convalidated.

4.  Ultimate Ceremony– This our custom ceremony with unlimited rituals, bilingual included, Rehearsal included and Day of Ceremony Coordination included.   It’s the works and will ensure you and your fiance as well as your wedding party are prepared and confident!