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I agreed to WHAT?!–Wedding Vow Dos & Don’ts

Ask any married couple you know what they remember most about their wedding day. We bet the answers are the dress, the flowers, the music, (not much because I drank a whole bottle of champagne on the way to the reception.) But what about their vows? What did they promise each other? How did they declare their undying love and commitment to each other? No CLUE!

Unfortunately, most couples tend to forget the most important part of their wedding day- the ACTUAL ceremony. We get so caught up in the decorations, food and frills, that we forget that we’re committing ourselves to each other. The ceremony is the moment that, as a couple, you declare in front of friends and family that you wish to spend eternity with each other. Shouldn’t the words you say MEAN something to you? At Texas Wedding Ministers, we think they should!

That’s exactly why we have created a variety of vow packages to suit every couple’s needs. We believe that your ceremony should be unique, not picked from a book of cookie-cutter quotes or verses. Chances are, your wedding guests have heard it before: do you (say name here) take (other name here) to be your lawfully wedded…. Blah, blah, blah! I mean, do you really want to space out at your own wedding? Why not include a quick tale about the day you met, the way he proposed, an inside joke? Why not sing each other’s favorite song, or read the cheesy Valentine ’s Day poem your wrote for your first anniversary, or even incorporate a loved one’s favorite saying? Do you and your betrothed practice different religions? Why not incorporate rituals from each?

Let your officiants from Texas Wedding Ministers get to know you as a couple, and compose a ceremony that incorporates your unique story and love. Start by filling out our Couple’s Questionnaire. Be sure to share as much information as possible, so we can truly get to understand your special love. Then, our officiant will meet with you as a couple to coach and guide you in the many options we provide for you ceremony. You can even choose to incorporate a ritual or conduct parts of your ceremony in another language. We will work with you to create the most magical moment possible!

We want you to be different and let your love shine! Your vows are the heart of your ceremony, the whole reason and purpose of the wedding ceremony. Don’t choose your vows off of a sheet; you wouldn’t choose a tattoo off of the wall (we hope!) Our custom ceremony packages start as low as $450. We will work with you to create the wedding of your dreams. Call us now!

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