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The Ultimate Groom’s Man- Reverend Rene Esparza

DSC_2384People always say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Well Reverend Rene Esparza did just that and has never been happier!

Reverend Rene Esparza is the lead minister and co-owner of Everlasting Elopements and Texas Wedding Ministers, and was ordained in September 2012.

Reverend Esparza founded Everlasting Elopements and Texas Wedding Ministers with his wife and best friend Kari Esparza. After proposing in March 2012, he and Kari began planning their dream wedding. While searching for an officiant to perform a simple ceremony, the couple discovered there just weren’t many options out there!  “I was inspired by the thought that I could help other couples out there,” said Reverend Esparza.

With his fun and outgoing personality, it wasn’t hard for Reverend Esparza to make a name for himself as lead officiant with Texas Wedding Ministers. His lighthearted style offers versatile options for couples who want more than a traditional ceremony and vows (though he’s happy to do those too!) “I like to get to know the couple before the ceremony,” explained Esparza. “I ask questions, I joke and laugh, I want to get them to open up and be themselves.”

Reverend Esparza encourages his couples to let loose, and reminds them to enjoy this historic day in their lives. “I want them to enjoy their moment, and I want to enjoy it too,” he said. “I encourage them to listen to the words their saying. To focus on their actions, and to truly appreciate the sincere intentions and promises they are making to each other.” He explains to couples that the more unique and personal they make their ceremony and vows, the more meaningful the day will be.

When it comes to the big day, Reverend Esparza plays another important role: the groom’s wingman. “Usually the groom is extremely nervous about being in the spotlight. They just aren’t used to the attention. I like to use my humor to comfort them,” he jokes. “My best advice, don’t sweat the small stuff and try not to be so serious! Not every ceremony has to have order or be so direct.”

For Reverend Esparza, the best part about officiating ceremonies is witness the joy and happiness on couples’ faces when they say “I do.” He gets a front row seat to a special moment that many in attendance don’t get to see. His most memorable moment as an officiant to date is when he was able to renew his parent’s vows. “They are very religious and serious, but they trusted me and gave me the freedom to personalize their ceremony. Surrounded by family and friends, we were all able to enjoy the moment. It was something very special to me, and I will never forget it,” said Esparza.

Since 2012, Reverend Esparza has conducted over 800 ceremonies for many happy couples. As a bilingual and nondenominational officiant, he has performed a variety of ceremonies: Civil, Non-Denominational, Christian, Same Sex Unions, Military, Vow Renewals, and Unity Ceremonies.

Reverend Esparza has been awarded Couple’s Choice Winner 2014 & 2015, with over 50 reviews and 4.9 out of 5 stars!

The wedding of your dreams should include a minister to perform a flawless ceremony. Whether you’re honoring your lifetime commitment to one another or renewing your loving, sacred vows, Reverend Esparza and the other officiants of Texas Wedding Ministers are here to perform a memorable service for you to cherish forever.

Let Reverend Esparza work with you to make sure your special day and your customized vows reflect your beliefs and your love as a couple. “Don’t worry about what’s coming next, we’ve got your back,” proclaims Esparza!

For more information about Reverend Esparza and the other officiants at Texas Wedding Ministers, visit txweddingministers.com.