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Wedding of the Week: Michaela and Alex with Minister Roxanne Worsham

Wedding of the Week

Michaela & Alex

with Minister Roxanne Worsham

They were united in marriage on May

14th of this year at The Bowery

House & Gardens in Katy, Texas.

The venue is surrounded by beautiful

gardens and they offer indoor and

outdoor location. 

From 4 different venue options, up to

300 guests, on site parking, and


Minister Roxanne Worsham with Texas Wedding Ministers officiating a wedding
Minister Roxanne Worsham with Texas Wedding Ministers officiating a wedding

Wedding of the Week

Michaela & Alex

Meet the Couple

Michaela and Alex met through a mutual friend when they were only seventeen years old.

Michaela saw Alex in one of her friend’s Facebook photos and she just knew they had to meet.

Jump to ten years later and they are still madly in love. They did a lot of growing up together, from moving to San Marcos for college to raising their pets.

All while balancing a long distance relationship, they knew it was all worth it. They waited a long time for this day!

Michaela knew from that day, the cute guy that told her that he liked her glasses he was the one. He also drew a heart on her hand and told her he would be her husband one day, and look at them now!

Alex had planned a proposal in the same town they went to college in but just days before the big trip they both unfortunately tested positive for COVID.

This didn’t stop Alex, he needed to propose somehow to the women of his dreams. Alex convinced Michaela to go on an isolated walk with their dog, Bear.

He got down on one knee during their walk and asked her to marry him. It was intimate and they shared the special moment with just the two of them and Bear.

Michaela “was surprised and cried all at the same time!” she told us.

Texas Wedding Ministers couple hugging each other while the bride veil soars in the air
Texas Wedding Ministers couples' Bridal Flowers in a vase after wedding ceremony
Texas Wedding Ministers couple posing for photos after wedding ceremony

Wedding of the Week

Michaela & Alex 

Planning the Wedding

Michaela and Alex told us that wedding planning was stressful, but totally worth it.

Michaela plans events for work so wedding planning came natural for her. “But it’s so different when it’s your day” she explained to us.

Their main goal was to make sure all of the guest had a great time. They didn’t want anyone to fell bored.

By far their favorite part of their wedding was having all of their family and friends together in one place. 

Their advice for couples is to make sure you give yourself PLENTY of time to get everything done, book those vendors, and not to stress. 

When they were looking online they found their venue, at that moment they knew that’s where they wanted to get married.

Michaela and Alex toured a few places but their hearts were set with The Bowery House & Gardens.

Beautiful lush greenery and large trees surrounding the venue made for the perfect ceremony site for them.

Michaela really loved the large windows that overlooked the reception area, but the entire venue was a breathtaking.  

Texas Wedding Ministers couple smiling for the camera as newlyweds
Texas Wedding Ministers Couple kissing while bridal party cheer around them
Texas Wedding Ministers couple posing for camera with veil

Wedding of the Week

Michaela & Alex 

The Ceremony

Minister Roxanne Worsham officiated their beautiful traditional wedding ceremony.

She made the couple feel welcomed and helped make the day all about them.

Minister Roxanne Worsham did a great job and speaking clearly and showing their friends and family the loved shared between the couple.

The couple just can’t get over that they could hug all of their loved ones from all of their phases through life after the ceremony. It was so special to them.

One of the most unique things they did at their wedding was a giant couple’s crossword puzzle for the guest to solve during the cocktail hour.

All of the questions were about the couple and they thought it was fun to see the responses from their quests. Also it was special to see everyones handwriting.

This kept their guests engaged and entertained while photos were being taken.

Michaela and Alex have the giant crossword hanging in their garage!

Texas Wedding Ministers couple kissing with sunset in the background
Minister Roxanne Worsham with Texas Wedding Ministers with couple during wedding ceremony
Flower arrangement with Texas Wedding Ministers

Wedding of the Week

Michaela & Alex 

The Reception

The reception area had beautiful flowers everywhere, from the centerpieces on the tables to decor around the room. The table settings fit the scheme of the wedding perfectly.

After a quick hello to all of their guests Michaela and Alex headed straight to the dance floor.

Dancing at weddings is their favorite part of the day, therefore they took full advantage on their big day.

For their guest book, it was a traditional book. They ordered a custom guest book that arrived just in time. This is one detail they almost forgot to order!

They had a 3-tier, 3 flavor, stunning wedding cake. A red velvet tier, a vanilla with vanilla cream tier, and a vanilla with coffee caramel cream.

The cake was absolutely amazing, Michaela said she is a red velvet girl but the coffee caramel tier was hands down her favorite.  

For their sendoff, they were limited on what they could do because of the venue’s greenery and location but that didn’t affect what they wanted to do.

Their wedding planner recommended “streamer cannons” so they got small handheld poppers that shot out long, elegant, silver streamers. Michaela and Alex loved the way it turned out and made for a great memory. 

3 tier wedding cake from couple with Texas Wedding Ministers
Reception area of Texas Wedding Ministers couple
Crossword puzzle game from couple with Texas Wedding Ministers
Texas Wedding Ministers couple during wedding sendoff
Texas Wedding Ministers couple during their streamers sendoff