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Things To Consider While Planning Your Wedding

What You Need To Think About While Planning

Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the biggest moments and most memorable days of your life. It is also a day that takes a great deal of preparation, in addition to planning your future life with your soon-to-be spouse. Planning your wedding can get overwhelming at times, but prioritizing certain aspects of both your big day and post-wedding life can make the process run more smoothly in the end.


Are You Including Religious Aspects?

While religion is one of those things that you should avoid talking about around the family dinner table, it definitely is something you and your fiancé should discuss when it comes to your wedding. This is especially true if you have different religious beliefs, as different religions have different ceremonial traditions.

If you’re unable to choose one over the other, a non-denominational minister may be the best route for you as a couple. Not to mention, choosing this path won’t leave one of your families feeling neglected. Plus, you can still blend some of the more ceremonial aspects into your ceremony to create a service that’s uniquely yours.   


What Will Be The Size

of  Your Wedding?

Before making any of your other decisions for the big day, you need to make a preliminary guest list and determine what size wedding you want to have. There are total guest counts associated with each size wedding that can help you fully grasp what the actual event will look like in the end. 

The size of your wedding does also extend beyond the length of your guest list. Your bridal party size is another factor you’ll have to take into account. While you may want everyone who is special and close to you to stand by your side on the big day, that isn’t always realistic. If you are having a small wedding in terms of your guest list, then it also makes sense to have a smaller bridal party. 


Who Will Perform The Ceremony? 

Your wedding officiant plays a vital role in your big day. They are the person responsible for joining your and your fiancé’s lives together as one. So, choosing a wedding officiant should be one of the bigger priorities on your to-do list. 

Keep in mind that officiants can book up quickly. Weddings are typically performed on weekends and therefore getting the officiant you want on your specific wedding date can be tricky if you do not plan ahead. There is also a good possibility that whomever you do choose will want to meet with you as a couple so they can get to know you and can add some personal touches to your ceremony.  


What Will Your Vows Say?

Your vows are the heart of your wedding ceremony but in the craziness of planning a wedding, they can often become an afterthought. There is certainly some wedding vow do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as well when deciding what will work best for you as a couple. You should also consult with your officiant, so they can help you figure out what’ll work best for your day.

There is certainly the traditional route, where you recite the words millions of couples have said to one another. Or, you can take a more personal approach. Deciding to write your own personal vows to one another can add immense sentimental value and make the day even more unforgettable. If you’re concerned that these custom vows will be too personal to read in front of your loved ones, you can write them out and exchange them to be read privately. 


How Will You Handle Finances? 

When you think about having “the talk,” finances don’t always come to mind first. However, it is one of the most important conversations you can have as a couple. This is especially true given the fact that finances are a large reason for divorce, which is a position you don’t want to put yourself in as a newlywed or an engaged person planning an expensive wedding. 

Following some tips for discussing finances as a couple can help to get the process moving. The important thing is for you and your partner to be honest with one another, while also being open and understanding to the other’s background and thoughts about money. Like many other aspects of a relationship, communication is key. 

Where Will You Live After The Wedding?

Some couples will decide to live together before the wedding, others will move in after. Whichever situation you’re in, you should still take stock of what your living situation will be post-wedding. While some couples will already be living together beforehand, they might be residing in an apartment. In that case, after all of the wedding bills have been paid, you can look for a home of your own by first considering how much house you can afford. Once you’ve determined affordability, you can begin the exciting process of searching for your new home.

Is There A Timeline For Expanding Your Family? 

Another important conversation to have in the midst of wedding preparations is what you both want in terms of a family. From there, you can talk about where on your timeline you would like that to be. While there are some big things to consider before expanding your family, the most important is for you to be on the same page. If you want to start right away, then you need to begin making preparations before your wedding day. Or, if you want to enjoy the honeymoon period a little longer, you can take the time to enjoy the process of planning your dream wedding.